Questions On Your Mind

There are often concerns about the legality of hemp and CBD products. Because of the benefits of CBD these new strains have been developed over the past few years. In Amsterdam they are more expensive than the THC strains that are currently illegal within the UK. Although only a few specialist CBD varieties have laboratory tested as fully legal in the UK, as they have a THC level below the legal threshold of 0.2% THC. Therefore the hemp flower buds and CBD hashish provided by Epiphany Buzz is fully legal to possess within the UK.


Is hemp flower bud or CBD hashish legal in the UK?

Yes. There has to be an alternative to illegal cannabis. Our specialist hemp flower buds contain under 0.2% THC. A level below the legal defining definition of cannabis. Therefore the hemp flower buds and CBD hashish provided by Epiphany Buzz can help those addicted to cannabis and to break their illegal habit.

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Sea Turtle

Jungle Berry


Jungle Berry was born from the union of a Californian ancestral Indica with a CBD Strawberry strain. It's scent has gentle fruity notes. With its hypnotic emerald green, it's buds have the perfect size. They’re not huge, nor too tiny.

Growing method: Outdoor

Trimming method: Machine trimmed

Area of origin: Sardinia

THC content: <0.2%

CBD content: <7%
Jungle Berry is currently provided at £10 for 2g.

Desert Reptile

Banana Bomb


Banana Bomb is an outdoor strain that comes from a consortium of growers from different areas in the center of Italy. It’s gigantic buds have a peculiar compactness and unbeatable size. The average bud is a fat bomb of 6cm high. Seeing is believing!

Growing method: Indoor

Trimming method: Hand trimmed

Area of origin: Tuscany

THC content: <0.2%

CBD content: <8% 

Banana Bomb is currently provided at £10 for 2g.


Moroccan Pollen


This CBD Hashish is extracted from hemp grown in Sicily, an Italian island kissed by the sun all year long. It has a fresh, minty scent when heated in a vaporiser. It releases the typical aroma of Moroccan hash. Though fairly hard on the outside, it breaks and crumbles easily. 

Area of origin: Sicily 

THC content: <0.2% 

CBD content: <10% 

Moroccan Pollen is currently provided at £10 for 2g.

Green Chameleon

Pineapple Express


This strain is named after the juicy pineapple fruit because it’s full of tasty yellow resin. It has very solid buds whose intense tropical and sweet scent makes the Pineapple Express a great choice to energise even the dullest day.

Growing method: Indoor

Area of origin: Sicily

THC content: <0.2%

CBD content: <15% 

Pineapple Express is currently provided at £10 for 1g. It has a very high CBD content.

Green Snake

Spanish Sift


Spanish Sift is a gold-coloured hash with a delicate scent and a mild fragrance. It has a silky consistency that allows it crumble between your fingers. You won’t need to heat it with a lighter, as it will melt on its own, as all the best Spanish Sifts do. 

Area of origin: Sicily 

THC content: <0.2% 

CBD content: <20% 

Spanish Sift is currently provided at £10 for 1g. It has the highest CBD content currently available.