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Earn money at home and whilst abroad with multiple opportunities

Would you like to work on a self employed basis?

Do you have your own mobile number, smartphone and 3G/4G internet connection?

Would you like to work from home, with the potential to continue working whilst abroad, by using your smartphone?

If you receive JSA or UC, you will continue to receive support until you have become fully established. ESA allows you to earn up to £131.50 per week, without reducing your benefit amount. Or any additional help you may receive, such as council tax or housing benefit.

Your first task will be to purchase your own website on for 86p for a or 99p for a .com site. For example:, or Don’t pay for domain protection for the first year. This can always be added at your renewal point in 12 months time. Expect a £5 total.

Then create a email address that matches your website. For example: Although it’s possible to pay extra on to have an email address that matches your site. For example: This option can be added at a later point, to save money at this initial stage. Also there could be an issue with your website whilst you are away. By having a account, you should always be able to access your emails, worldwide, using your smartphone. Gmail accounts are free.

​Next search for hotels in your country of choice. Focus on a certain radius from the airport you’ll be flying into, or a specific town or city. You only need the name and email address of the hotel. Although we advise to also record the full website address, actual address and telephone number, as this information will be required on your review.

​In your email, explain that you have just purchased your new site and that you wish to review their hotel after finding it online. You need to establish if the hotel is happy to pay for your flights and a 7 day all inclusive stay (quote for the total of two separate flights to and from your airports of choice in £GBP, $USD and the local currency). Or if the hotel is just happy to cover the 7 day stay and not flights. If you get a negative response for either option, reply with an enquiry about a shorter 2 to 3 day stay and if they would cover a taxi from the previous hotel that you are reviewing.

​You can copy and paste the same message into each email. So you will be expected to email a minimum of one hundred hotels each day.

Depending on your response, you should be able to plan a review tour of that specific destination. You may get a few responses where the hotel is happy to pay for everything to complete your review, as this is free advertising for them. You may have scenarios where a hotel will offer a specific or fixed booking to complete your review. Possibly to fit in with their under occupancy of rooms at that time.

When you have multiple replies, happy to cover flights and an open 7 day all inclusive stay, that would overlap. You have an opportunity to either recruit other team members (also on a self employed basis), to take that review tour for you and complete the reviews for your website. Or you could pass these excess review tours to ourselves and we will arrange for someone to review the hotel for you and pass the required information back to you. Remember to take lots of photos of the hotel, for the website review.

​You may have to fly within a few weeks of starting this position. Even if you don’t have a current passport, please still contact us. As you can be earning the money required to pay the £100 for a passport, plus additional funds, during the 12 week waiting period for your passport to arrive.

Ideally your website should be able to be updated whilst abroad via your mobile phone, or laptop (if you have one). We can help with a connected company that will design your website for you, for free, if required. We can help you at all stages. From checking your website name and email address, before you purchase, to reading your final email draft, before you send it for the first time. And advising on how you can actually make money from this business venture.

​Please email with your mobile number as the subject. Explain why you’d like to go ahead with this self employed opportunity, with the support of Epiphany Buzz.

​We also offer a shopping platform that allows you to 'grab' commission on 50 orders, that customers have placed, each day. You can expect to earn £40 to £70 per week. You can easily achieve £200 to £300 per month from the start.

​Although this is free and the daily task is simple, you would only have platform support and you would have to credit your own account with 30 USDT minimum (USDT is a stable crypto-currency, connected or ‘Tethered’ to the United States Dollar). Although 100 or 200 USDT is recommended. The more money you have on the platform, the higher the value of the orders that you have access to, to earn commission on. I recommend leaving 300 to 500 USDT in your account, after your first withdrawal. So your commission levels don’t drop down too far.

​We offer the platform with basic support via email, plus we will credit 50 USDT to your account. We can offer this service for £60.

You will not need to set up an account with a site like (digital exchange / wallet), or have to deal with their 72 hour delay. When funding with a credit or debit card for the first time. You will not have to provide photographic ID, such as a passport or driving licence, either.

We can offer standard support via email, WhatsApp or Telegram. With 100 USDT credited to your account, for £100.

Alternatively we can offer advanced support via email, WhatsApp or Telegram, telephone and text. Plus we will credit 200 USDT to your account. This initial deposit amount will entitle you to a platform bonus of 10 USDT. You will also have VIP2 status and therefore start in a different business hall (higher commission % and 55 orders daily). For £200 (recommended).

​If you wish to apply for an account, please email: Put your mobile telephone number as the subject, with (free), (60), (100) or (200) in the subject field as well, to indicate your interest.

​You use your 50 USDT to build up to 100 - 200 USDT (this should only take a month). This amount has to sit on the platform, to allow you to ‘grab’ orders and earn commission. So it has to be considered an investment. Although it is your money and it can be withdrawn at anytime. You just wouldn’t be able to ‘grab’ any orders.

To withdraw the commission you've collected. You first have to complete your 50 orders that day. Only one withdrawal can be made per day, there is a small withdrawal fee (usually 1 USDT) and withdrawals can take up to 72 hours to authorise.

​This platform is a perfect way to fund any business expenses required, to set up a hotel review business and will cover your spending money also.

With a larger total USDT amount sitting in your account, you’ll be collecting larger commission amounts, on greater value orders, as time goes by. So you can choose to leave your monthly earnings in your account to achieve even greater daily totals.

To earn £150 to £200 per month, at the start. Simply collect every commission offered. This should only take an hour each day. To get the £300 to £500 plus per month commission. Only collect those amounts offered, above 0.10 USDT. This may take a few hours each day. Although only do this when you have built up to at least 300 USDT, are getting orders quickly and you are seeing a lot of higher commissions offered. Each individual account is expected to earn £1k each month, by month six.

A £3k (3800 USDT) balance will earn you over £200 (250 USDT) per day (£6k per month).

Using 2 separate platforms, you can operate 2 accounts, from one mobile.

Thank you for your time taken to read this opportunity.

To view a 30 second video, to see how easy the daily task is, simply search ‘Epiphany Buzz’ on YouTube or click the link below.


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